How Long to Leave Up Christmas Decorations?

Everyone LOVES Christmas, we here at Rock n Roll Xmas are no different. It is a tradition that is shared almost around the world and loved by all.

However, just because it is a tradition in our society, is it smart to celebrate it longer by leaving up the decorations? Is there a certain time-frame that the decorations should come down? Moreover, what about luck, is it wise to leave the decorations up or would you get bad luck?

The History Of Christmas

Before answering all the questions mentioned above that most people ask at least one time in their life, discussing the history of Christmas is essential. Wikipedia gives a fantastic fact about Christmas traditions.
Christmas was put into place to be celebrated on the 25th day of December. But the origins of Christmas vary from religion to country.

Some believed it was the birth of Jesus Christ, while others believed it was just a day that celebrated the Winter Solstice. According to the New World Encyclopedia, “The historical development of Christmas is quite fascinating. According to the Bible, Jesus’ birth was celebrated by many well-wishers including the Magi who came bearing gifts.

The feast of Sol Invictus on December 25 was a sacred day in the religion of Mithraism. Sol Invictus when it began to rise higher in the sky following the Winter Solstice.” In addition, Business Insider expressed, “Trees have long been used to decorate homes. Ancient Chinese, Hebrews, and Egyptians viewed evergreens as symbols of eternal life.”

So there are many different beliefs that come into play when it comes to religion. What is your perspective on the holiday? The history of Christmas has survived for thousands of years and is considered a holiday that almost everyone respects and loves.

When Should Christmas Decorations Get Set Up?

Christmas decorations are a large aspect of celebrating the holiday. Wikipedia says, “A Christmas decoration is any of several types of ornamentation used at Christmastime and the greater holiday season.” However, is there a certain time-frame that they should be put up?

When considering putting up the decorations would be answered in an article that Forbes shared, “The safe answer is after Thanksgiving, but we all know that Black Friday has become the unofficial shopping holiday of the season and putting up decorations then would be like setting up for a party after the guests began arriving.”

Therefore, the timing should be the same for each household, even if the retailers do not follow the same systematic.

When Should Christmas Decorations Come Down?

There are many people who love to leave the decorations up for outside viewers, but when should they actually be up to long, if there is a set timing? Huffington Post shared, “One of my favorite Holiday Season pastimes is driving around admiring Christmas lights. In other words, wasting lots of fuel in order to enjoy the creative ways my neighbors have chosen to waste lots of electricity.”

In the article, there were a lot of comments from a variety of sources that mentioned that leaving up the decorations up was up to the homeowner.

However, a lot of people base their judgment off of what the retailers are doing, to stay on top of the latest trends. Therefore, many people will take them down around the beginning of January to early February of the following year. But in all considerations, how long you should leave the decorations up, is up to each household.

Some people will leave them up all year, to prevent the work of having to set them up again, and there are others who will take them down the day after the holiday. It is recommended that if you leave your decorations up, to not turn them on until the holiday gets closer, to keep the environment and traditional aspect of the holiday intact.

But if you are wondering how long to leave up Christmas decorations, do it after the holiday around the beginning of January to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

Is It Bad Luck To Leave Christmas Decorations Up?

The debates over the question of receiving bad luck for leaving your Christmas decorations up is well rounded and diverse. According to Debate.Org, “33% state yes, and 67% of the people say no.” However, the responses all have diverse backgrounds and personal traditions that were passed down in each of their families.

The Guardian incorporated a debate on the same matter, where the majority of the responses said, “TWELFTH NIGHT is the end of the season of Christmas celebration, starting at Christmas itself.

The fact that we seem to celebrate Christmas in advance during the season of Advent tends to spoil the fun and can make the post-Christmas period an anti-climax, relieved for us only by another shopping fest at the January sales.

When you take your decorations down depends upon when you put them up, but 6 January is a good marker when you can celebrate the coming of the Good News to all. Nick Shields” Therefore, to put into a simple perspective, it is up to you and your personal beliefs of whether you will get bad luck or not.

There are many people who are not superstitious, but there are people who have experienced differently. What is recommended would be to do some background history checks on your family, and inquire with others on a similar discussion. See what each story entails, then make the decision yourself.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, diving into the beauty and tradition of Christmas can be inspiring. Especially when it comes to listening to awesome Rock n Roll albums. With the lights and exquisite smells that are bound in the atmosphere, it is hard not to be encompassed with the holiday.

If you are concerned about when you should put up your decorations, you can go with the holiday lineup and get them to put up right after Black Friday, or when you see fit. It is up to you and what you want to experience. It is recommended to keep the tradition in a similar mood, to wait till it gets closer to the holiday.

When deciding to take them down, the same responses from the debates and retail stores express that leaving them up to long can break the character of the holiday.

However, it is up to you and what you believe in. Therefore, consider getting multiple opinions on the matter, then make your own judgment, however, consider the differences of those around you in your neighborhood to keep the tradition more alive when it comes to that time of year.

What do you think? Have you or your family received bad luck from leaving the decorations up to long, or do you have a set timing that you take them down?

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Lady Gaga Christmas Tree Lyrics and It’s Meaning [Must See]

Lady Gaga’s Christmas Tree song always has a special part of my heart. Not only is it beautifully sung, but there are some deep meanings behind its relatively simple lyrics.

Released in 2008 from her crazy popular “Fame” album it features Space Cowboy as he also helped write the song. Sure he is not Bradley Cooper, but he does an amazing job here.

It was originally released on on December 2, 2008. The song was then added to Amazon, and iTunes online worldwide on December 16, 2018. Christmas Tree takes a sample from the lovely original Christmas song, “Deck The Halls”, but gives it a bit of a sexual naughtiness that we all love from Lady Gaga.

So what is the meaning behind Lady Gaga’s Christmas Tree song?

Space Cowboy commented about the song and working with Lady Gaga:

We figured out that we shared pretty much the same experiences; we’d been doing similar things on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Then I got invited to the studio to write some songs with Lady Gaga; we did “Starstruck”, we did a song called “Christmas Tree” She’s super-creative, she’s amazing — the best writer I’d ever seen, and best performer.

Describing the song in episode 25 of her YouTube broadcast series Gagavision, Lady Gaga stated:

Christmas Tree” is about the spirit of celebrating the most joyous holiday and I’ll tell you why: because Christmas is the holiday that most makes boys and girls feel randy.

The song has a lot of electropop and with synth beats and features numerous sexual innuendos and metaphors. So there you have it, the song is about having a jolly old time at Christmas Time!

Lady Gaga “Christmas Tree” (feat. Space Cowboy) Lyrics

Ra pa pam pam
Ra pa pam pam
Ra pa pam pam
Ra pa pam pamLight me up with me on top let’s falalalalalalala
Light me up with me on top let’s falalalalalalala

The only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree
The only place you wanna be is underneath my Christmas tree

Light me up with me on top let’s falalalalalalala
Light me up with me on top let’s falalalalalalala

Ho ho ho under the mistletoe (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes, everybody knows (Ra pa pam pam)
We will take off our clothes (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes, if you want us to we will

You oh oh oh Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious
You oh oh oh Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious

[Space Cowboy sings]
Light you up with you on top let’s falalalala (lets go)
Light you up with you on top let’s falalalala (lets go)

Ho ho ho under the mistle toe (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes, everybody knows (Ra pa pam pam)
We will take off our clothes (Ra pa pam pam)
Yes, if you want us to we will

[Lady GaGa sings]
You oh oh oh Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious
You oh oh oh Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious

Here here here (Ra pa pam pam)
The best time of the year (Ra pa pam pam)
Take off my stockings where?
I’m spreading Christmas cheer
Yes, if you want us to we will

You oh oh oh Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious
You oh oh oh Christmas
My Christmas tree is delicious

[Space Cowboy sings]
Space Cowboy Lady GaGa Lady GaGa
And she goes…

[Lady GaGa sings]
Space Cowboy Lady GaGa Lady GaGa
Here we go…

Cherry! Cherry! Boom! Boom!


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How much is Dee Snider worth?

Dee Snider is a famous American singer, radio personality, screenwriter, rock vocalist, and actor. He became a well-known artist from the talent he had and natured as a small child, he was born in Astoria in 1955 from a working-class family. Snider sang for Baldwin High School Concert Choir, the School choruses, church choir. He was selected for All-State school choruses. After his graduation, he joined and left many rock bands as he was still searching for one that had his desires in the heart.

So, how much is Dee Snider worth?

How much is Dee Snider worth?

Dee Snider Early Career

As he was trying to figure out which band to go join, in 1976 he met and joined twisted sister an America heavy metal band founded by Jay French the guitarist. In the band, he was given the songwriter duty wherein 1982 the band released their first album ‘Under the blade’ which achieved moderate success. Then the next album was ‘You can’t stop Rock N Roll’ which earned the band a lot of fame than the first one. Later they released the album ‘stay hungry’ in 1984 which brought them to the limelight and was a breakthrough for the band. Snider is also known, for his signature look thus long blond hair, makeup on his eye and shade of red lipstick that he usually wore during his performances.

In 1981 snider married his wife Suzzette who was a former costume designer in his band Twisted Sister. They live on the north shore of Long Island with their four children Cheyenne, Shane, Cody, and Jesse.

Headbanger’s Ball

In the year 1985 Snider went ahead and hosted the first episode on MTV Headbanger’s Ball. Also, he testified in court against censorship in a Senate hearing in 1985 which brought about the Parental Advisory content label on Music. In 1987 the Twisted Sister band split up and this affected Snider so much for the fact that he loved the band. He was honored in Music Biz 2014 Award Luncheon, he earned a lot of love from his fans which he treasured.  Here he is testifying in front of the Senate.

Dee Snider Net Worth

Snider has earned a lot of fame as a singer and also a lot of money, From the album ‘Come out and play’ with the twisted band his estimated earnings was $500,000 and the album ‘Stay hungry’ with the same band his estimates were $ 3,000,000. From the album ‘You can’t stop rock’ he earned an estimate of $500,000 and an estimate of $2,000,000 from the album of ‘Under the blade’ with the same band.  He could be worth a lot more if he followed Samuel Cheema – Internet Marketing Review & Bonuses.

As of now, his estimated wealth is $10,000,000. He is recognized as the #83 Metal Vocalist of all time.

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What is a Good Cleaning Company in Perth?

In this busy life, it is impossible to bring in the time to get the room cleaned. The packed schedule of work and meeting is always frustrating as it couldn’t give you the time to enjoy your life. An untidy room makes it difficult to track the things that you require in an emergency.

In addition to that, you also couldn’t invite anyone into your home because you realize the condition of your house. This also compromises the hygiene of your house and also be a medium to spread diseases. Hence it is important to clean a house. You may also realize this but the lack of time could make it possible to do.

In such a scenario the best thing that you good do is to book for a cleaning company in Perth. These companies do a great job of cleaning your house. They also provide a great offer to make you feel satisfied. If you are already looking for a reliable cleaning company but could not differentiate one then you can look into this section. We have listed some of the cleaning company that would be best for you in Western Australia.

The Simply Maid

This cleaning company has trained a team of 2 people who bring in their entire tool with themselves. Hence you don’t have to provide anything to them. They provide flexible hour services and hence they would provide the services according to your time.

Simply Maid Home Cleaning services make the cleaning of the common areas like a bedroom, living rooms, etc. They would vacuum the floor, dust the furniture, clean windows ledges etc. they also clean the bathroom and the kitchen and makes sure to do the best to wipe off any stains.

You can book their service if you are in Perth just by booking them online. Their services are highly recommended because they do it in a reasonable rate and with a team of professionals.

Housekeep WA

This is another good cleaning services that look up to cleaning to the best of its possibility. The best thing about its services is that it is very professional and does the cleaning within very less time. Some of their services include kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, accessible light fitting.

They make the house fit and perfect with dusting and vacuuming the living area the bedroom and the outdoor as well if you request them.

All Buzz Cleaning

This is a cleaning service that provides cleaning of both the residential as well as commercial cleaning. Hence the equipment that they use are highly technologized and hence the service of thy give is of good quality. They know what they do and hence you can undoubtedly look upon it.


These companies are a suggestion and hence you can look for the one that fits you. However, if you ask me then I recommend you to receive the services of Simply Maid because they are great at what they do. With the number of services that they provide they are the one-in-all cleaning service provider.

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Get the Scoop on Interior Home Painters Before You’re Too Late

interior home painters

What Interior Home Painters Is – and What It Is Not

Even if you employ an interior designer, you need to be able to convey the look you have in mind. If you would like more natural elements around your house, one of the simplest approaches to do that is with the landscaping. There’s no greater approach to upgrade or update your home than painting as it’s extremely reasonably priced and adds instant value to the house, but only whenever the workmanship is of premium quality.

Paint is simpler to apply before taking any other actions in the interior decorating approach. Interior Home Painters is among the pictures we found on the web from reliable sources. Interior Home Painters is among the photos we found on the web from reliable sources.

You are able to check residential painters Rochester MN if you would like to see their collection. Center of Attraction Painting isn’t only about giving a fresh appearance to the walls. Read More Painting your house is among the least expensive and most productive cosmetic improvements you may make.

A complete finish is what you have to transform your house into an incredible masterpiece. Most significantly, when you choose exterior paints to make certain you account your weather conditions to steer clear of unnecessary paint peeling within a brief period of time. If it dries on the brush, you’ll need special solvents to remove it.

Painting the interior walls of your house isn’t an easy job. Carpets, though, will never last half as long and might even need to get replaced at the beginning of every tenancy. There’s nothing faster at making your home seem new and improved than a couple coats from the ideal type of paint.

If you would rather you’re there, speak to them about doing the job in sections. Today, lots of people begin to paint their home without any prior knowledge to steer clear of the use of professional painters and spend less. Think about the light in the space that you anticipate working.

The Good, the Bad and Interior Home Painters

Allow potential painter understand what you wish to achieve using your interior painting, and be conscious of their capacity to fulfill your expectations. Employ a reputed painter to assist you paint your house in a sense that brings out both your personalities. Quality house interior home painters is a really elaborate undertaking.

Whether you’re a homeowner or interior decorator trying to find an expert painter, we are the ideal decision to service all your painting requirements. Choosing the correct kind of painting contractor is important but never an effortless task. Not all painting businesses are the exact same so please do your homework before employing a painting professional.

Moreover, instead of merely contacting a single painter, you’ve got to contact several painters and they’d be able to supply such a quotation for you. They are not just average painters. If house painters understand the particular repairs needed, they can find out whether they require a building permit.

Choosing Good Interior Home Painters

With preparation and a knowledgeable game program, it is a wonderful choice to install your own pump and reap the advantages of properly pressurized water in your everyday life. You will need to understand that decorating your house and get perfect outcomes is something which will require time and expertise that you might not have as a lay individual. There really isn’t any magic to getting good customers who want the job done and who are delighted to pay.

Selecting the proper paint color appears to be a simple undertaking and some can do it without the assistance of an interior designer. Keep in mind that brushes will guarantee a cleaner look, however, you are going to have to be patient with it. You should select contrasting colors to coincide with the architectural structure of your house.

Interior Home Painters Help!

If you believe people don’t care about what sort of paint you are using in or on their house, think again. There are many ways that could be adopted for making your home beautiful and re-painting your residence is among the basic and important one. The perfect place to get started asking about painters is your family members and friends.

If you wish to offer you home an amazing fashionable appearance, you need to be bold. You would like no water running to any portion of your house. Repainting also can be a means to personalize your house and make it feel as though your own.

Want to Know More About Interior Home Painters?

Affordable Prices Our rates are almost always fair. Your house is your main asset. The painting contractor with the maximum price isn’t necessarily the very best, and the one with the lowest price may wind up costing double in the event the quality is so poor it needs to be carried out again.

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