How Long to Leave Up Christmas Decorations?

Everyone LOVES Christmas, we here at Rock n Roll Xmas are no different. It is a tradition that is shared almost around the world and loved by all.

However, just because it is a tradition in our society, is it smart to celebrate it longer by leaving up the decorations? Is there a certain time-frame that the decorations should come down? Moreover, what about luck, is it wise to leave the decorations up or would you get bad luck?

The History Of Christmas

Before answering all the questions mentioned above that most people ask at least one time in their life, discussing the history of Christmas is essential. Wikipedia gives a fantastic fact about Christmas traditions.
Christmas was put into place to be celebrated on the 25th day of December. But the origins of Christmas vary from religion to country.

Some believed it was the birth of Jesus Christ, while others believed it was just a day that celebrated the Winter Solstice. According to the New World Encyclopedia, “The historical development of Christmas is quite fascinating. According to the Bible, Jesus’ birth was celebrated by many well-wishers including the Magi who came bearing gifts.

The feast of Sol Invictus on December 25 was a sacred day in the religion of Mithraism. Sol Invictus when it began to rise higher in the sky following the Winter Solstice.” In addition, Business Insider expressed, “Trees have long been used to decorate homes. Ancient Chinese, Hebrews, and Egyptians viewed evergreens as symbols of eternal life.”

So there are many different beliefs that come into play when it comes to religion. What is your perspective on the holiday? The history of Christmas has survived for thousands of years and is considered a holiday that almost everyone respects and loves.

When Should Christmas Decorations Get Set Up?

Christmas decorations are a large aspect of celebrating the holiday. Wikipedia says, “A Christmas decoration is any of several types of ornamentation used at Christmastime and the greater holiday season.” However, is there a certain time-frame that they should be put up?

When considering putting up the decorations would be answered in an article that Forbes shared, “The safe answer is after Thanksgiving, but we all know that Black Friday has become the unofficial shopping holiday of the season and putting up decorations then would be like setting up for a party after the guests began arriving.”

Therefore, the timing should be the same for each household, even if the retailers do not follow the same systematic.

When Should Christmas Decorations Come Down?

There are many people who love to leave the decorations up for outside viewers, but when should they actually be up to long, if there is a set timing? Huffington Post shared, “One of my favorite Holiday Season pastimes is driving around admiring Christmas lights. In other words, wasting lots of fuel in order to enjoy the creative ways my neighbors have chosen to waste lots of electricity.”

In the article, there were a lot of comments from a variety of sources that mentioned that leaving up the decorations up was up to the homeowner.

However, a lot of people base their judgment off of what the retailers are doing, to stay on top of the latest trends. Therefore, many people will take them down around the beginning of January to early February of the following year. But in all considerations, how long you should leave the decorations up, is up to each household.

Some people will leave them up all year, to prevent the work of having to set them up again, and there are others who will take them down the day after the holiday. It is recommended that if you leave your decorations up, to not turn them on until the holiday gets closer, to keep the environment and traditional aspect of the holiday intact.

But if you are wondering how long to leave up Christmas decorations, do it after the holiday around the beginning of January to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

Is It Bad Luck To Leave Christmas Decorations Up?

The debates over the question of receiving bad luck for leaving your Christmas decorations up is well rounded and diverse. According to Debate.Org, “33% state yes, and 67% of the people say no.” However, the responses all have diverse backgrounds and personal traditions that were passed down in each of their families.

The Guardian incorporated a debate on the same matter, where the majority of the responses said, “TWELFTH NIGHT is the end of the season of Christmas celebration, starting at Christmas itself.

The fact that we seem to celebrate Christmas in advance during the season of Advent tends to spoil the fun and can make the post-Christmas period an anti-climax, relieved for us only by another shopping fest at the January sales.

When you take your decorations down depends upon when you put them up, but 6 January is a good marker when you can celebrate the coming of the Good News to all. Nick Shields” Therefore, to put into a simple perspective, it is up to you and your personal beliefs of whether you will get bad luck or not.

There are many people who are not superstitious, but there are people who have experienced differently. What is recommended would be to do some background history checks on your family, and inquire with others on a similar discussion. See what each story entails, then make the decision yourself.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, diving into the beauty and tradition of Christmas can be inspiring. Especially when it comes to listening to awesome Rock n Roll albums. With the lights and exquisite smells that are bound in the atmosphere, it is hard not to be encompassed with the holiday.

If you are concerned about when you should put up your decorations, you can go with the holiday lineup and get them to put up right after Black Friday, or when you see fit. It is up to you and what you want to experience. It is recommended to keep the tradition in a similar mood, to wait till it gets closer to the holiday.

When deciding to take them down, the same responses from the debates and retail stores express that leaving them up to long can break the character of the holiday.

However, it is up to you and what you believe in. Therefore, consider getting multiple opinions on the matter, then make your own judgment, however, consider the differences of those around you in your neighborhood to keep the tradition more alive when it comes to that time of year.

What do you think? Have you or your family received bad luck from leaving the decorations up to long, or do you have a set timing that you take them down?